The theme of our article of the day will be about defense in padel. This is the most important moment in a game. Indeed, a pair that defends very well or knows better than his opponent will have more facility to win the match. Working on your defense game is essential for any player who wants to improve quickly.

When you are in a padel match, you must know how to defend to reverse the situation or at least make the task more difficult for your opponent (don’t give a free point). This will allow you to win games against more experienced rivals. We will give you some tips so that you develop your approach of the defense game, and therefore, you’ll improve yourself.

First, placement is the most important aspect of your defense game. You must not be anywhere on the field. To give you a simple reference, when you are at the bottom of the field, you must be one meter from the line, and one arm (approximately) from the side window. This placement will help you greatly to counter the different attacks of your opponents. You’ll be more efficient, more responsive, and you’ll gain more points by defeating your opponents, so you’ll win more games.

When you play defense, you must be mobile, movement is paramount. Indeed, you must remain active, to be able to anticipate the balls of your opponents, and better to counter them. For this, your reaction capacity must be maximum, and you must remain calm, it is important not to rush. Indeed, players tend to want to go too fast when they have achieved a good defense sequence, and the easy ball that arrives is missed, because the player did not take the time to analyze the movement of the opponent. We must not confuse speed and precipitation.

Finally, the concentration must always be centered on the game. Indeed, you must be able to follow the entire trajectory of the ball, to be able to respond more quickly to the actions of the opponent, and knowing what to do, and in which zone do it as quickly as possible. Being focused towards the ball is essential when we talk about the defense game, if our mind is not completely focused on the actions of the ball whether it is the output of the opponent’s racket or rebounds on the windows. You must be able to ensure the return of the ball as long as possible, you must not make the mistake before your opponent.

The goal of a very good defense game is to always return the ball once more. What we can compare to Rafael Nadal tennis on clay or Novak Djokovic when he won the four Grand Slams in a row. The only watchword we would give you is: no fault. To finish, the defense game is a characteristic of the players who plays in the right side.

Alexis Dutour

Alexis Dutour est un passionné de padel. Avec sa formation en communication et en marketing, il met ses compétences au service du padel pour nous proposer des articles toujours très intéressants.