As players, we all found ourselves at one point, playing “little arms”, “wet” at important points. Today’s article will focus on helping you play under pressure to enjoy every moment of the game. How to fight this feverishness to win more matches.

Each athlete is different, each player needs a degree of nervousness to reveal his or her best level. Do not be too calm or nervous, you will have to find the right balance, controlling your emotions, so that the tension of the game doesn’t prevent you from developing your game.

Manage the pressure: 3 errors

  1. Do not be focused on the present moment.
  2. Be concerned about the match score.
  3. Take too much risk.

The environment is the main stress factor during your matches in competition. You must have control over what surrounds you, and stay focused on your game (do not pay attention to games next door for example). Because once distracted, it will be very difficult for you to come back concentrated.

How to enjoy being under pressure?

Being under stress doesn’t necessarily mean that it is something unhealthy, on the contrary, it must be also a good thing. Indeed, in this state of nervousness, your body will produce adrenaline, which will improve your performance on the field. This is a perfectly normal and a natural process. If you manage to control it, you will be able to profit from it.

In your next game, when you are in an important moment, and you notice that your hands are moist, and your heart is accelerating, it is because your body produces this adrenaline. Do not try to slow down your pace. heart or dry your hands. Keep your mind focused on what you are going to have to do, stay focused on what’s important, and that’s the next point.

The mental : reaction of your mind

First of all, you will have to keep your mind focused on the present moment, on the point that you will start. Do not start calculating who will be your next opponent, or ask where you are going to celebrate. Do not be distracted by your environment.

Before a match (or between games), try not to think of padel, you will have plenty of time to talk about it a little before the match, and of course during. Go read a book, listen to music, etc. This will allow you to keep your mind in good condition for the time to come, it will then be enough rested to allow you to give everything on the field.

Alexis Dutour est un passionné de padel. Avec sa formation en communication et en marketing, il met ses compétences au service du padel pour nous proposer des articles toujours très intéressants.