Motivation is the absolute quest of any athlete, the loss of it can cause different concerns. It is therefore important to know how to keep it, but not being motivated is quite human for a sportsman. A padel player may be demotivated due to different reasons. We will give them to you in our article of the day.

  1. Stagnation at the technical level. These are players who despite the number of workouts, fail to progress technically. They can then get tired of playing padel. To avoid this situation, change the training method, change coach, and / or training partner.
  1. Our professional and personal life too busy. You have to know how to make the difference between our life outside the padel and our training and padel games. It can happen that on some training you are more distracted by elements of your life (professional or personal) that affect your level of playing padel, and lowers your desire to play. To remedy this, we advise you to play maybe less often a week, but to play in better arrangements. Your motivation will come back of itself.
  1. Negative thoughts. This is the biggest plague of sport in general. All athletes work on eliminating negative thoughts. Above all, do not let yourself be dominated by negative emotions that will frustrate you. To work on this point, we advise you to think about 5 positive ideas that will allow you to erase any negative idea. They are different for each person, so there is no point in taking the same as the professionals (but you can get inspired).
  1. Worrying about your partner. There may be times when you do not feel the support of your teammate during an important match for example. This can lead to a loss of confidence and motivation that is hard to regain later. You will need to communicate with him, to tell him how you feel, what you expect from him to make it better during your next association.

Lack of motivation is something that padel players should be wary of, but most importantly, they need to know how to fix it when it happens to them. We hope to have given you some keys to help you.

Alexis Dutour est un passionné de padel. Avec sa formation en communication et en marketing, il met ses compétences au service du padel pour nous proposer des articles toujours très intéressants.