The theme discussed today is often overlooked by amateur players, but totally taken into account by professional players. Indeed, having a good concentration before a match will determine your good (or bad) performance on the field. The concentration should not be only during the match, but also before, to have the right mindset when starting the game.

The goal is to give you the keys to a good pre-match concentration, which you can do. These are tips, and this is a non-exhaustive list!

  1. Have clear goals. Your mind must be focused on your approaching match, not on any other distraction. You need to give yourself clear objectives that can be achieved during your match, which will allow you to keep your head calm and focus during important moments.
  2. Listen to music. This is more of a recommendation because each person is different. Indeed, listening to relaxing music before a game will put you in the best mood when you enter the court. This will help you to have clear ideas, to be optimistic.
  3. Establish your tactics. Do not wait to enter the court to think about the tactics to put in place to win the game. You have to think about it before in order to be well prepared, and thus to start well from the first point of the match. On the other hand, you do not have to think about a single action plan, you must think of several to deal with all situations. Indeed, you must not be left without a solution if your opponent’s manage to counter your tactics.
  4. Motivation. It is essential for victory. You must repeat a sentence (it is unique to everyone) to motivate you. This sentence will act as an emotional anchor, and will help you focus on your goals, and what you need to do to win this game.
  5. Food and rest. In the sporting life, it is not only the matches, and the training that is matter, the rest and the food are just as important. For example, the night before a game plan to rest, and having a healthy diet before sleep.


Focusing before a game will put you in the right state of mind to get back on the court. You will have good intentions, you will be much more alert to the strikes of your opponents, you will be faster to respond, you will see a real difference in your performance.

Alexis Dutour

Alexis Dutour est un passionné de padel. Avec sa formation en communication et en marketing, il met ses compétences au service du padel pour nous proposer des articles toujours très intéressants.