When we start padel, it is not unusual to be in an uncomfortable situation when our opponents are preparing to make a smash. Where should we place ourselves? What to do really? Should we let it pass, hit the ball live? Who should go to defend? Our article will help you to understand better this important game phase of your defense tactics.

What should we do to defend on a smash?

First of all, it will be necessary to analyze if your opponent will realize a smash with power or if he will make you a feint, and simply make a smash without speed. Small tip: a player who is preparing to smash with a lot of power, he will stiffen, contract his muscles to bring out all the power. On the contrary, a player who is going to make a feint, you will see that he remains relaxed. It is true that it may sound simple said like that, but try and you will see.

Then, if your opponent makes a smash with power, you must first avoid the ball (otherwise you give the point to the opponent), and move in its path. There are several schools, but generally you must stay in the middle of your side of the field until the last moment. This will give no information on how, you will defend your opponent’s smash (so you will have an advantage).Once he has hit the ball, stand in profile (your back facing the side fence), and watch the ball, do not take it out of your eyes, and get in the path of the ball. But it will have to go fast enough to be there, but not too much otherwise you will miss your defense. Do not forget that you have to hit the ball in front of you, so wait until the ball passes before you hit it. Otherwise you will rush, and either you will make an easy ball for the opponent or you will make a mistake or miss the ball.

What to do as a defense hit?

It will be necessary, while placing yourself, to observe the position of your opponents. If it’s possible of course, the main thing is to be able to return the ball in the field of your opponent. This is where your partner comes in. Indeed, he can quickly communicate the position of the opponents to help you stay focused on the ball, and hearing the announcement of your partner, and choose the best move to achieve.

In some cases, you will be tempted to do the magic trick that succeeds once in a hundred attempts. Padel is a sport of checking, the goal is to make the least possible mistakes. We will advocate more on a hit than you really know, and that you are used to achieving (with a good percentage of success). Do not try a retro-sounding knock-out at 9-8 in the super tie-break, make a simple but effective shot, and above all you know !

Alexis Dutour est un passionné de padel. Avec sa formation en communication et en marketing, il met ses compétences au service du padel pour nous proposer des articles toujours très intéressants.