Each sport requires specific abilities such as endurance, speed, concentration, tonicity, fluidity of gestures, etc. Padel is a sport so, you need some qualities to be able to perform in the field. This is the purpose of this article: to show you the main physical fundamentals for padel player.

Now that you are starting to play you must know them, but it seemed important for us to remember them for those who did not know, and to comfort those who already thought so to better adapt their physical preparation.


It is a question of knowing how to anticipate an action (the rebound of a ball, the trajectory of the opponent’s blow, etc.), in order to be able to give an immediate and coherent answer. In other words, it is the eye of a player as we say. The eye will transmit information to the brain that will provide the solution to the proposed situation. But in some individuals it goes faster than other people. This anticipation of situations encountered during a padel match is possible to work on it. Indeed, the repetition of the cases that we can find in match, and the study of the solutions that it is possible to bring are a good solution. The repetition must already be at the heart of your training anyway, it is the base of padel, a bit like badminton.


Resistance is the fact of being able to maintain an intensity in the effort in a constant and prolonged way. This is an essential ability especially when you know that padel tournaments play several games in a single day. Indeed, the important thing here is to maintain the intensity in the legs for the placement and for all your strokes (Bandeja, Vibora, etc.), but also your concentration which must be the same from the beginning to the end of the match. The more resistant you are, the faster you will progress, as you will be able to make the effort at any point in the game.

The agility

By definition, agility is defined as the ability to be able to move easily, that our muscles have a sufficient elasticity to carry out an action (to reach a ball in the corner for example). Agility here comes back to the flexibility of our body more precisely. Indeed, padel requires a lot of flexion to our muscles and our joints to perform some shots. To be able to work on it nothing better than stretching, but there are also exercises to incorporate into your training, flexibility. Your body is more or less stiff compared to others, but it is possible to develop our agility by working it, the work is the basis of any athletic performance, you will have nothing until the success as the victories arrive.

Padel requires some basic physical abilities to progress quickly. However, if a player does not hold a particular physical ability, there is always room for improvement through hard work and repeated efforts.

Alexis Dutour

Alexis Dutour est un passionné de padel. Avec sa formation en communication et en marketing, il met ses compétences au service du padel pour nous proposer des articles toujours très intéressants.